We design and deliver custom software, precisely aligned with client-specific business needs through detailed analysis.

Why Tecspot Software Development Service

  1. The bespoke application is specific to your business and unavailable to your competition. This can give you a unique advantage over them.
  2. No additional need to modify the system after delivery
  3. Ability to meet the full requirements of the clients
  4. Compressive documentation on the customized software.
  5. Provision of support to the customized software after deployment.

Document Management System

Document Management Systems (DMS), is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.

We provide a Document Management System with the following features:

  1. Bulk upload documents using ZIP files.
  2. Download folders as ZIP files.
  3. Lock / Unlock documents.
  4. Manage Favorites.
  5. Select the default startup folder.
  6. Support for document templates.
  7. Personal documents for each user.
  8. Recycle Bin for each user.
  9. Live Edit
  1. Event notification by email (when changes occur).
  2. Send document URL via e-mail.
  3. Send document as email attachment
  4. Notes on documents.
  5. Messaging (share queries / subscriptions /
  6. Chat Service.
  7. Extraction of metadata from documents.
  8. User Tags.
  9. Tag Cloud.
  10. Categorization.
  1. Generation of documents with the wizard (forms and documents together with a final document is generated with values).
  2. Watermark on documents (text or image).
  3. Programmable automatic cataloging
  4. Staple (documents / folders / emails).
  5. Forums.
  6. Intelligent extraction of keywords
  7. Operation with multiple files
  8. Text to speech converter
  9. Expiration of documents

Human Resource Management System

HRSysPro is a comprehensive Human Resource Information System that automates all HR functions within a county. Its key functions include the automation of the entire process of online recruitment and employee management.  It has the following modules

Online Recruitment Management

  1. Online Job Advertising
  2. Online Job Applications
  3. Shortlisting
  4. Interviewing
  5. Hiring

Employee Records Management

  1. Employee data management
  2. Dependant’s data management
  3. Employee qualifications
  4. Employee History
  5. Online Leave Management
  6. Training Management
  7. Employee online portal (self-service)

Performance Review Management

  1. Employee Targets Capture
  2. Self & Supervisor Assessment
  3. Ranking Reports & Summaries

Communication Module( SMS & Email)

  1. Integration and Compatibility
  2. Reliability and Delivery Rates
  3. Security and Privacy Compliance
  4. User-Friendly Interface and Automation Features

Organizations Structure & Reports Generation

  1. Alignment with Organizational Hierarchy
  2. Customization for Different Departments
  3. Integration with IT Systems
  4. Compliance and Standardization

Inventory Management System

Web Inventory is a web based Inventory Management System that is automates the inventory management workflow. It tracks the flow of a product from purchase to sale. It has the following Modules:

  1. Products Management
  2. System Administration
  3. User Administration
  4. Purchasing Management
  5. Sales Management
  6. Report Module
  7. Management Dashboard
  8. POS( Point of Sale)

Bulk SMS System

Tecspot Bulk SMS system stores contacts online and uses them to send bulk messages. The power of the system lies in its ability to pull other data like payment details from spreadsheets like MS excel and attach it to the body of the message. We offer both web-based application and desktop versions.