Simplify your outreach. Amplify your impact. Choose Bulk SMS.


Tecspot Media offers Cheap Bulk SMS solutions for sending branded text messages from a computer to cell phones

Our solution enables the sending of SMS to GSM/CDMA mobile handsets globally. It supports bulk messaging through both desktop and web-based applications.

Sending Bulk SMS Over Normal Text Messaging

  1. The SMS are branded with the Institution identity as sender ID e.g. from Tecspot
  2. The ease of use in sending bulk messages to groups of contacts from an Internet enabled software application.
  3. SMS messages can be scheduled for sending at a later date and time.
  4. SMS messaging is cost-effective as it sends a message directly to targeted contacts.
  5. An SMS enabled application allows contacts to be managed from an existing System
  1. SMS messaging can be automated to send out alerts.
  2. Improved business efficiencies, especially within an extended business process.
  3. SMS is a short and succinct message that conveys essential information.
  4. Better overall internal and external business communications.

Bridging the gap between you and your customers one text at a time.

  1. Efficiency
  2. Cost Effective Communication
  3. Global Reach
  4. High Open Rates
  5. Wide Range of Applications
What is Bulk SMS and How Does it Benefit My Business?

Bulk SMS is a service that allows you to send large volumes of text messages to multiple recipients simultaneously. It is beneficial for businesses as it offers a direct and personal way to communicate with customers, employees, or other stakeholders. Its benefits include high open rates, instant delivery, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to reach a wide audience, including those without internet access. This makes it ideal for marketing campaigns, alerts, reminders, and customer engagement.

Can I Personalize and Segment My Bulk SMS Campaigns?

Yes, most bulk SMS solutions, including those provided by companies like Tecspot Media, offer the ability to personalize messages for individual recipients and segment your audience based on various criteria. This means you can tailor your messaging to specific groups or individuals, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of your communications. Personalization and segmentation are key for engaging customers and improving response rates.

How Do I Ensure Compliance with Regulations When Using Bulk SMS Services?

Compliance with regulations is crucial when using bulk SMS services. Reputable providers ensure that their services are compliant with laws and regulations, including those related to privacy and telecommunications. To maintain compliance, businesses should ensure they have explicit consent from recipients before sending SMS messages, provide opt-out options in every message, and respect the privacy and preferences of their audience. It's also important to stay updated on any changes in regulations in the regions where you send messages.