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Tecspot DMS - Kenya No. 1 Document Management System

tecspot DMSTecspot DMS is a web based document management system for Kenya market that uses cloud computing technologies. Tecspot DMS provides full document management capabilities including version control and file history, metadata, scanning, workflow, search, and more.It integrates all essential document management, collaboration and advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution. It provides a one-stop solution by managing both structured and unstructured information. The DMS builds a highly valuable repository of corporate information assets to facilitate knowledge creation and digitization of records.

Document Management System Features

Document Management

Bulk upload documents using ZIP files.
Download folders as ZIP files.
Lock / Unlock documents.
Manage Favorites.
Select the default startup folder.
Support for document templates.
Personal documents for each user.
Recycle Bin for each user.
Event notification by email (when changes occur).
Send document URL via e-mail.
Send document as email attachment
Notes on documents.
Messaging (share queries subscriptions Send messages to users).
Chat Service.
Extraction of metadata from documents.
Unique document identifier.
User Tags.
Tags in the thesaurus.
Tag Cloud.
Staple (documents / folders / emails).
Generation of documents with the wizard (forms and documents together with a final document is generated with values).
Watermark on documents (text or image).
Programmable automatic cataloging
Intelligent extraction of keywords
Operation with multiple files
Text to speech converter
Expiration of documents
Live Edit


Full user audit (trace log). All user operations are recorded and stored in a database.
Show logged users.
Unlock and remove documents published.
View the repository.
Advanced searches using XPath and SQL.
Detailed activity log.
Import documents / folders from the file system.
Export the repository file system.
Managing the workflow.
Reports. Importing the thesaurus (or .rdf owl formats).
View configuration settings.
User quota.
User Profiles (functions for which a user can access).
Task Scheduler (scheduler).
Smart tasks

Security and user roles.
Permissions on folders and documents.
Record of every user operation.
Support for SSL communications


User view (document edited, locked, unloaded, signed, last modified, and last uploaded).
Overview (documents most viewed / modified, the last week / month last uploaded, last modified).
New user (agent search).
View workflow.
View email (new mail and attachments).
Cloud document search and navigation.
RSS Feed.
Videoconference: Open Meeting integration
Create complex workflows.
Workflow for review, approval, validation.
Support for serial and parallel workflows.
Assign tasks to groups or users.
From the dashboard can monitor workflow tasks, status and process.
Configurable mail messages notification.
Workflow enables you to shoot automatically from a folder or document type.
Automatic workflow execution based on folder or folder type.

Create tasks.
Assign, control or complete tasks.
Manage status and projects related with tasks.
Configurable mail message notifications

Create tasks.
Move or change task duration.
Month, week and daily view.

Summary Benefits

Tecspot DMS KenyaCentralize your documents and digital files for easy access.
Secure your documents through controlled user access.
Convert all your paper files into digital Searchable pdfs.
Find documents and information instantly.
Improve document workflow throughout local and remote offices.
Improve staff productivity.
Reduce costs associated with manual document.
Promote sharing of knowledge and information.
Enhance corporate transparency and governance.DMS Kenya
E-mail files instantly.
Publish documents to CD, DVD or the web, as appropriate.

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